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Global Partners Bayern e.V.

The Global Partners Bayern e.V. is an innovative association for project-oriented internationalization. Notably, development projects are being launched in emerging and developing countries and in Europe.

The roots of the Global Partners Bayern e.V., founded in 2002, are in the promotion of the "Development Gateway Foundation" founded by the World Bank.

Against the background of globalization and worldwide technological innovations, the Development Gateway Foundation has developed new opportunities and feasible projects with developing and emerging countries



  • poverty alleviation and social inclusion program
  • health promotion
  • access to education and knowledge
  • environmental and climate protection
  • political participation and transparency


Based on these goals, since 2006 the focus of Global Partners Bayern e.V. has been primarily on the socio-political task of promoting international business activities of SMEs. These are developed and implemented in partnership with companies and institutions abroad.