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The core competence and central offer of Global Partner Bayern e.V. is project-oriented internationalization. The development of projects in Europe and globally is implemented according to the GPB e.V. three-phase model in cooperation with partner companies in the respective countries. In the future, this approach will be further implemented here in the digital portal of the Community Global Partners Bayern as a future-oriented offer.


This strategic approach is implemented as follows:


  • Phase 1:
    In the regions of interest, project opportunities are first identified and agreements for the cooperative implementation of clearly defined projects between Global Partners Bayern e.V. and local political, public, economic or scientific institutions / facilities are made.

  • Phase 2:
    Global Partners Bayern e.V. supports the formation of convoys to provide competence coverage for the project implementation. The convoys are composed of companies of different sizes and in cooperation with partner companies from the partner country.

  • Phase 3:
    Project companies are formed to develop sustainable and innovative project solutions and to prepare the economic realization..


The realization of the projects and the economic implementation is solely in the responsibility of the participating companies and takes place outside the activities of the association.